ergomate h20

superior slip resistance and more

Features and Benefits

- Superior Slip Resistance wet or dry as tested by Precision Testing Laboratory
- Anti-Fatigue Sole designed to reduce impact shock, pain and discomfort of lower body
- Sealer upper and lower soles to protect against cross-contamination and easy of cleaning
- Unique self cleaning tread design
- Easily cleanable hygienic sealed top and bottom surfaces
- Durable in wet environments
- Resistant against most oils, solvents and cleaning agents
- Patented strapping system for snug comfortable fit
- Insulates feet from cold, wet hard floors

Who Uses the H20
Any person who is standing, walking and weight bearing for extended periods of time on hard surfaces.
- Food Production And Service Workers
- Kitchen Employees
- Abattoir Workers
- Cannery Workers
- Custodial Employees
- Supervisor and Managers
- Health Care Workers

Alternate Applications
- Warehousing
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Airline Industry
- Aero Space
- Extended Care Facilities
- Printing / Production

Why Use this Product
A heightened awareness of health and safety issues require today?s companies to be proactive when addressing fatigue, ergonomics and an aging work force. Strategies are needed that reduce claims and payouts. As highlighted in the Features and Benefits, all of these concerns are solved with the use of the ErgoMate H20. Keeping that in mind, a prompt ?Return on Investment? is also necessary to justify any expense. The ErgoMate attain their payback partially through helping to maintain productivity of workers by lowing fatigue and reducing MSD`s all while ErgoMate?s superior slip resistant sole reduces slips and fall incidents. Both of these benefits easily justify the investment in ErgoMates H20. Our list of customers, prove it.

ErgoMate H20 Product Numbers:
  • H2O103Bextra small
  • H20903Bsmall
  • H20803Bmedium
  • H20703Blarge
  • H20603Bextra large

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"Traction is VERY GOOD. I have to push 200 kg of product that is in steel tubs. They can get heavier depending on what product we are doing. Not a wrong step, no slipping ....My work environment is wet. A lot of the times raw product does get onto the floor and I can walk right through it without worrying about slipping. The H20?s wash up very nice."
Joanne, A Meat Processing Facility