About Ergos

"Work is Inevitable, Pain is Optional"

Head Office
PO BOX 524, 40 Dussek Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5B2

Tel: 888-232-0031
Fax: 613-966-0067
E-mail: sales@ergos.ca

Belleville, ON (May 1, 2013) - IMPACTO Protective Products Inc. - acquired the exclusive rights to market the ERGOS (ERGOMATES) product line on May 1, 2013. Simply Sales was the previous reseller of the products. Since then customers continue to receive the quality product and the technical support to which they are accustomed. With the additional support from IMPACTO staff, customers now enjoy regional service throughout North America as well as having access to a large variety of related new products. Visit the IMPACTO website for full details on products now available to all customers, www.impacto.ca.

Edmonton, AB (Dec 1, 2008) - Safety Seven Manufacturing Ltd. announced the signing of a Sole and Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Alberta based Simply Sales Inc. The Agreement ensured Simply Sales Inc. took over the operations of Ergos and Ergos USA LLC. and gave sole and exclusive usage of all names, trademarks, patents and IP. Simply Sales Inc. took over all client relationships in a seamless transition of operations to market the Ergomates, TracMates, ErgoMate MD, ErgoMate ESD, ErgoMate H20, ErgoMate ICE (in development) and future products.

2003 - The patented ErgoMate was released to rave industry reviews and the company flourished. As sales in the United States and Canada grew so did the distribution network and popularity of Ergos products eventually requiring manufacturing to be sourced to China.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (2000) - Safety Seven Manufacturing Ltd, the predecessor to Ergos, originally opened its doors in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Canada. The company launched with one product, the TracMate, an anti-slip solution specifically designed for the janitorial work place.