superior slip resistance on any slippery surface wet or dry

Features and Benefits
- Superior Slip Resistance on any slippery surface wet or dry
- Unique reusable design
- Easily cleanable, Rinse and Dry
- Durable in wet environments
- Resistant against most oils, solvents and cleaning agents
- An Ergos Design in two sizes

Who Uses the TracMate
Any person who is stripping, washing, or scrubbing floors. Any person working in food processing or working on slippery surfaces.
- Custodial Workers
- Floor Maintenance Workers
- Kitchen Personal
- Hospital Facilities Personal
- Educational Maintenance Employees
- Supervisors and Managers
- Health Care Workers

Why Clients Use this Product
A heightened awareness of health and safety issues require today’s companies to proactively address slips and falls while ensuring an aging work force is kept healthy. Strategies are therefore needed to reduce claims and payouts. As highlighted in the Features and Benefits of the TracMates these issues are solved by implementing the use of the TracMate. With that in mind, today’s market place dictates a prompt ‘Return on Investment’ for any expense. The TracMates pay themselves back by helping to maintain productivity and efficiency of workers by reducing slips and falls when working in a slippery environment. While the TracMate’s superior slip resistant design reduces slips and fall incidents the reduction in lost time and fewer injury claims easily justify the investment. Our list of customers, prove it.

Vertical Applications - Warehousing
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Airline Industry
- Aero Space
- Extended Care Facilities
- Printing / Production

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