ergomate md

designed to reduce impact shock, pain and discomfort

Features and Benefits
- Anti-Fatigue Sole designed to reduce impact shock, pain and discomfort
- Superior Slip Resistance wet or dry as tested by Precision Testing Laboratory
- Unique self cleaning tread design
- Easily cleanable surfaces
- Durable in wet environments
- Resistant against oils, alcohol and most cleaning agents
- Patented strapping system for snug comfortable fit
- Insulates feet from cold hard floor
- 100% Mobile Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue Coverage
- An Ergos Design in five sizes

Who Uses the MD Any person who is standing, walking and weight bearing for extended periods of time on hard surfaces.
- Nurses
- Surgeons
- Facilities Personal
- Custodial Staff
- Lab Technicians
- Supervisors and Managers
- All Health Care Workers

Alternate Applications
- Warehousing
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Airline Industry
- Extended Care Facilities
- Printing / Production

Why Clients Use this Product
A heightened awareness of health and safety issues require today?s companies to be proactive when addressing fatigue, ergonomics and an aging work force. Strategies are needed that reduce claims and payouts. As highlighted in the Features and Benefits, all of these concerns are solved with the use of the ErgoMate MD. Keeping that in mind, a prompt ?Return on Investment? is also necessary to justify any expense. The ErgoMate MD attain their payback through helping to maintain productivity of workers by lowing fatigue and reducing MSD`s all while ErgoMate?s superior slip resistant sole reduces slips and fall incidents. Both of these benefits easily justify the investment in ErgoMates. Our list of customers, prove it.

ErgoMate MD Product Numbers:
  • G88103Wextra small white
  • G88903Wsmall white
  • G88803Wmedium white
  • G88703Wlarge white
  • G88603Wextra large white

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Nurse Study Peidmount Hospital, Atlanta

- I like the pressure taken off my lower back
- They work great with my tennis shoes
- I could tell the difference in the way my legs felt so much better. A couple of times I forgot I had them on and went home with them on and even to the grocery store
- Feel people that scrub and stand in one place probably benefit the most
- Before ErgoMates my legs hurt at night from knees to feet. SO much that it interfered with sleep. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome. The very first night after using ErgoMates, I had no knee or leg pain and since rarely experience RLS. I am 100% satisfied and grateful!

"Thank you so much for sending me my Ergo-mates! The reason I needed them so much is that I was working in a hospital, walking for seven-and-a-half hours a day, sometimes more on cement floor. My legs, feet, knees, and even my lower back started to pain me so bad I thought I would have to quit work on account of the pain and no sleep at night. A fellow worker told me he had similar problems and to try the Ergo-mate sandal as he had and was very happy with them. So, I did and he was right. The pain and the problems I had with went away after I wore them. Now, I have two jobs and am on my feet up to eleven hours a day and have no problems. Thank you so much again for the Ergo-mates. I could not survive without them. Sincerely,"
Annette, 2009


"I stand and walk around without a mat and I could not believe the difference the ErgoMates made it was wonderful!"
Mary K. Zen Hair
Studio Stylist

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