ErgoMate Lite

ErgoMate Lite is an exceptional fit for the occasional user; like trade show participants, plant managers or office managers

Features and Benefits
The ErgoMate Lite has been designed as the introductory model to the ErgoMate line of products. ErgoMate Lite is an exceptional fit for the occasional user; like trade show participants, plant managers or office managers. They also work great for lighter individuals (<150lbs ) and or for those recovering from lower body, leg, foot or related MSD injuries.
Who Uses the ErgoMate Lites:
Any person who is walking or standing for extended periods of time.

Daily Use:

- Trade Show Participants
- Health Care Professionals
- Food Services Industry

Intermittent Use:

- Production Workers
- Manufacturing Workers
- Safety Managers on Audits
- Order Pickers / Order Desks
- Forklift Operators
- Counter Personnel
- Supervisors and Managers

Why Use this Product:
Today organizations have a heightened awareness of health and safety issues as it pertains to pain and fatigue related injuries from standing or walking all day on hard surfaces. Strategies are needed to help reduce claims and payouts, which directly affect the bottom line of small and large companies alike. As highlighted in the Features and Benefits, many of these concerns are addressed with the use of the ErgoMate Lite. The ErgoMate Lite have a strong ROI, by helping to maintain productivity of workers by reducing MSD`s (Musculoskeletal Disorders), which account for over 40% of loss time claims in today?s workplace. In industries where slips and falls are significant the Lites have the advantage of having a high slip resistance rating which can reduce costly compensation fees.

Vertical Applications: - Warehousing
- Manufacturing
- Distribution
- Airline Industry
- Aero Space
- Printing / Production
- Hospitality ( Housekeeping)

Recommended Company Contacts: - Health and Safety Officers
- Plant Mangers
- Ergonomists
- Podiatrists / Foot Specialists
- Department Supervisor
- Company Nurses

ErgoMate Lite Product Numbers:
  • G87103Rextra small brown
  • G87903Rsmall brown
  • G87803Rmedium brown
  • G87703Rlarge brown
  • G87603Rextra large brown
  • G87103Bextra small black
  • G87903Bsmall black
  • G87803Bmedium black
  • G87703Blarge black
  • G87603Bextra large black
  • G87103Wextra small white
  • G87903Wsmall white
  • G87803Wmedium white
  • G87703Wlarge white
  • G87603Wextra large white

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